Inner View with Lisa Kai

Author, Pastor, Innovator Lisa Kai

After numerous questions were posed on the recent Influence Lab Women’s Webinar, EMERGE: Moving from Insecurity to Confidence, Lisa Kai has graciously agreed to answer several more. Read her answers in this month’s Inner View.

EMERGE Question #1 – You (Lisa) inspired me as I am a woman of color and have had challenges throughout my life with being in the minority – many of them I still have to contend with. Do you have a specific scripture you cling to or a promise of God that you have found to be helpful when you feel insignificant?

Lisa – I have two. Isaiah 54:4 “Do not be afraid; you will not be put to SHAME.  Do not fear disgrace, you will not be humiliated.”’ And Proverbs 12:19 “Truthful words stand the test of time; LIES are soon exposed.”

Clinging onto these scriptures reminds me that I am perfectly made in His image and that everyone, including myself, is unique. I remember a time while I was at a shopping mall that God showed me that everyone is unique and that God loved all of us the same. I had to believe that no one was greater than the other. This revelation helped me to like myself and not be ashamed of where I came from or who I was. I had to like myself as well as accept who I am and where I came from. Exposing the lies is the first step and receiving the truth over that lie is crucial to you accepting yourself. It’s a daily thing you have to keep telling yourself until you believe it. Keep speaking the truth over yourself and stop feeling intimidated by those people that the enemy keeps telling you are better than you. You are good! You are perfect!

EMERGE Question #2 – What is something I can do as a white caucasian woman to make other people of color and ethnicities feel more comfortable? Does it mean I am not being observant enough?

Lisa – I love this question and thank you for asking. We would all be surprised by whom we are intimidated by. It’s kind of sad that we feel this way, but I think it’s a cultural thing. Greet us – anyone, when they enter the room. Everyone wants to feel like they matter. Strike up a conversation that is natural, but don’t force it. The best is to spend time with those who you have a hard time approaching or being with and eventually, when you both get to know one another you won’t see color or race. My suggestion for you is to just be you and help tear down any wall that has been built. Sort of like the Beijing wall that the Chinese built to keep their enemies away.

EMERGE Question #3 – Women often “throw themselves under the bus” when offered opportunities, not trusting in their talents and skills. Have you done that? What have you done to overcome it?

Lisa – Each time I went in for an interview I’d always felt inadequate. The lie I believed for so long was that “I wasn’t smart enough.” This lie prevented me from going after things I would have done well in. I remember having had opportunities for advancement and people that would speak on my behalf. These were people of influence that spoke highly of my accomplishments or had seen my work and how impressed they were with me. I believe as long as you do well in what has been given to you, more will be given. Your character and your abilities to get a job done speak volumes. We all need to believe in ourselves and trust that God has people in our corner. God opens doors, but He will shut them as well. Sometimes the biggest roadblock is our self. If we don’t believe in ourselves, God will remind us through others, who do believe in us and will speak up.

EMERGE Question #4 – God tells us to go and be an influence in the world. Why is this important?

Lisa – You and I don’t know what kind of influence we have in this world, community, and in our families. No one is without influence. As long as you know one person, you are influencing. God has given each one of us a platform, whether it’s small, medium, or large. He calls each one of us to a platform and we need to shine His light into that place. With every decision and action, we are representing Jesus, and because we are His representative on this earth, our influence is crucial. Everyone won’t know Jesus just by watching a big crusade on television, YouTube, social media, or on a podcast. We need everyone to be an influence in the sphere they are called to. We each have a responsibility to influence the people God has given us to influence. It starts with your family, neighbors, workplace community, and then the world.


Lisa Kai is an Author, Pastor, Speaker, and Innovator @Inspire Church/Arise Ministry. She, alongside her husband Mike, lead a multi-site congregation in Hawaii and Manila called Inspire Church. Their desire to see people fulfill their God-given potential compels them to advance the Kingdom of God. Lisa’s passion to see women empowered came from her personal obedience to answer God’s call on her life. It is Lisa’s belief that God is raising up powerful women for such a time as this. God has risen up a bold lioness in Lisa Kai that is ready to take back what the enemy has stolen not only from her but from women all around the world. Through the Arise Women’s Conference, her book Perfectly You, and her I Am podcasts, Lisa has impacted the lives of thousands of women.

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